Sunday, August 10

Valley of the Four Winds Windwool cloth + Gold & Chests - Afterlife

Requirements: Being able to Keep up a constant speed buff from your class whether that be from Burst of speed on a rouge, Burning rush as a warlock, or a Mage using the speed exploit.
There is no quest requirements.
This spot is by Half Hill, down in the grainery.

We are unaware at this time how much gold per/hour this spot is but it is worth a try.
This spot is in no way the best spot to farm cloth. But is a decent spot if all other locations are filled or have been nerfed.
This spot could be considered an exploit but we are not really sure if it would be considered bannable currently.

Twitch - Founder of exploit/Spot.

Afterlife recently found this spot out of nowhere in Valley by accident! This spot allows you to break the spawns for profit. When killing the mobs they give you a damage+speed buff combined with burning rush you can run insanely fast!

Location - Valley of the Four Winds, Near Half Hill Market.

Classes that could farm this. Mage/Boomy/Hunter/Lock/Rouge

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