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496-520ilvl within 24 hours

I wanted to share a guide here of how I got geared up quickly. Timeless Isle has been out for a long time but a lot of people aren't the most efficient when they just ding 90 so I wanted to share some tips on how to gear as fast as possible. Especially if you are playing an alt you want to get SoO LFR ready as quick as possible.

Lets assume you are a fresh 90 just dinged in dread wastes or wherever. Depending on if you want to PVP or PVE it will vary some but lets just say you want to PVE gear first.

Steps 1: Grab the quest from shrine to port to Timeless Isle and begin your rare chest farming locations. Download Paste and TomTom from Curse site as these addons are important to help you know the locations of all the chests. Once that is downloaded restart wow and put these cords into the paste addon then hit save and all the tomtom waypoints will show on the map.

/way 58.6, 60.3 Gleaming Crane Statue
/way 54, 47.2 Drop from hanging ropes
/way 49.8, 69.4 Hop across pillars
/way 70.6, 81 Climb pirate mast
/way 22.6, 58.8 Underwater entrance west
/way 40.4, 93 Needs key
/way 47, 26.8 Blazing Chest
/way 59.9, 31.4 Ordon Lake
/way 69.8, 33 Second T3
/way 53.8, 78 First T3
/way 28.2, 31.2 LONG Albatross ride
/way 26.6, 65 Short Albatross ride
/way 46.6, 32.4 Underground
/way 59.2, 49.4 Behind cave-in
/way 64.6, 70.2 Gulp Frogs
/way 61.6, 88.6 Sunken ship
/way 52.8, 63
/way 53, 70.8
/way 49.8, 65.8
/way 60.4, 66.2
/way 65, 75.6
/way 63.8, 59.2
/way 65.6, 47.8
/way 58, 50.8
/way 55.6, 44.4
/way 51.2, 46
/way 46.8, 46.8
/way 47, 53.7
/way 44.2, 65.2
/way 43.6, 84
/way 34.8, 84.4
/way 39.8, 79.6
/way 38.8, 71.6
/way 35.4, 76.4
/way 31, 76.3
/way 26.8, 68.8
/way 22.2, 68
/way 25.7, 45.8
/way 24.8, 53
/way 22.2, 49.2
/way 22.4, 35.4
/way 30.8, 36.4
/way 27.4, 39
/way 25.4, 27
/way 36.6, 34
/way 24.8, 38.8
/way 26, 61.6
/way 29.8, 31.8

*There is one guaranteed burden of eternity from the blazing chest be sure to save that burden and use it on a ring first as those are usually the hardest to replace*

Step 2: Once you opened all the chests you might be blessed and have gotten all the gear slots you need and are already 496 but usually you still have a few pieces to grind out. At this I recommend to grind 12,000 timeless coins which shouldnt take too long depending how much coins you earned just opening all those chests. Now with those 12k coins go to the timeless vendor and exchange 12k coins for 12 mogu coins Mogu Rune of Fate - Currency - World of Warcraft. What this will do is allow you to regular roll + bonus roll for every boss in throne of thunder LFR which drops 502 quality gear. Meaning you have 24 chances at loot! The ques for ToT LFR are pretty fast because everyone is boosted you might run into some noob groups but thats just part of the game nowadays with how LFR is. If you get any 502 gear replace your 496 gear with that and hopefully you'll break 500 ilvl by the end of the 12 bosses.

Step 3: Turn in the weekly warforged seal quest for 3 coins (50 lesser charms required) use the bonus roll on Celestials/ Ordos (if available to your alt)/ Sha of Pride in SoO for tier chest/ any LFR boss that drops weapon or tier piece.

Step 4: If you can afford it buy the 553 belt from AH first/ run all of SoO LFR and see if you get any tier drops or maybe you'll get the legs from celestials. With how close WoD is I wouldnt spend more than 2k buying a piece because they will be replaced soon in WoD questing.

Step 5: Valor cap weekly with Oqueue/ start flex 1 at 520 ilvl with Oqueue/ item upgrade your highest piece of gear

Repeat SoO LFR/Celestials until you are 520 ilvl to start doing flex 1-2 with oqueue.

*Now if you are into pvping follow the same guidelines above but here is how to get grievous quickly.*

  1. Do the 7 isle of thunder pvp dailies each reward 75honor and 20g. IF you have a guild banner USE IT BEFORE YOU TURN IN THE QUEST! It will increase the honor gain from 75 to 94 honor per quest turn in! I get 600+ honor everyday from the isle of thunder dailies and they take only a few minutes to do.
  2. If you are a tank or able to go into tank spec then instant que dungeon spam for justice point farming. With how high item levels go now people are blasting through heroic dungeons in like 5-10 minutes earning you 300-600 justice points per dungeon. Max at your 4000 JP cap then go to stormwind/org and conver that into 2000 honor points! You could potentially do that in one hour depending on how fast your group is and the que times. This is really only viable as a tank or if healer has instant ques in your battlegroup.
  3. Kill the 3 rares in karasarang wilds or form a farming group for them in Oqueue. Each drops 250 honor x3 
  4. BGs of course but if your side loses a lot its not really worth it because then you are only earning like 300-400 honor per 20 minute game

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