Tuesday, September 2

Fairly Private Spot to Kill Huolon? (Timeless Isle -- sigh)

Well, I had a horrible time tonight trying to kill Huolon solo with a 510ish Shadowpriest.
But there was useful stuff learned.

When Huolon spawn on my server tonight, he bugged out and became caught in terrain between the small round mountains where the wire-walkers go to open chests.
I was able to levitate over to him by jumping from an adjacent mountain (near the spawn point of the Riverspeakers Trident on the path toward the Ordos Temple), but was not able to hit him with any spells. Assumed I had disconnected from the server when the mob started giving me "too far away" messages -- so I decided to go around and take the trail up the hill (long way up lol).

Anyway, he did finally get out of the terrain, although I am not sure how (doesn't he only have the 1 spawn point?) -- and was flying slow over the east end of zone as normal.
I tried the stupid albatross thing and the timing was wrong. So I rode up there again and he was pathing on the extreme Eastern side of the Ordos hills, and I had the idea to just tag him, jump off the hill and levitate down to the water.

The Ordos shitheads leashed back to the trees but the dragon followed me down to the water.
In fact I had him close to 35% health when I ****ed it up and got caught in the lightning breath.

After the third time of that and realizing this isn't a thing to do while tired, I wanted to at least share my stupid spot where Huolon can be dragged down by a character with Levitate (OR the Hozen diving helmet thing I guess! with 200% swim).

You could also do it with Potions of Water Walking, a shaman, or a death knight's path of frost (I think).

But the point of this spot is, if you're on a busy server where this mount/mob is truly camped/farmed 24/7, he does not reset aggro like most other mobs just because you passed a certain point on the terrain. You do have to keep some damage up on him but chances are he isn't gonna just leave you alone.

If you use the priest method without the diving helm make sure to avoid the patches of lightning that Huolon will lay on the ground/water in between lightning breaths.

BTW for most players the lightning breath is fatal, a one shot -- unlike the crimsonscales who hit for about 250k or less, Huolon can not only take a bite off your ass but swallow the whole thing.

Another method of getting this annoying mob killed is a skillful use of the stupid Albatrosses.
If you whack your Highwind Albatross w/ your autoattack while flying, the mob will usually pause and hover for a moment.
More whacks = longer hover but eventually he will start flying again.

You can time whacks to slow down the bird while also DPSing Huolon but I haven't perfected this method myself.

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