Saturday, September 27

make 2500g with Justice Point Cap

So Justice Point are getting removed in WoD.

Currently, there are still Justice Points in the live patch and there are a few ways to get the most out of it.

Most means either Gold or Value.

The best way to spend those Justice Point is imo in Dalaran. Remeber, the stuff you buy now with JP won't be buyable in WoD. So everything you can buy now, which is "cheap" or even expensive now may be even more expensive in WoD.

I recommend buying: Frozen Orb in Dalaran from either Magistrix Lambriesse or Arcanist Ivrenne. 110 Justice Point per Frozen Orb. So a full cap are 36 Orbs.

You can use Frozen Orb to buy different things, i won't go more into it. Just because im busy, do research yourself.

(Frozen Orb's won't be buyable in WoD anymore) (I saw wowhead marks them for 75g to buy from vendor for gold instead JP) So if you sell Frozen Orb's which are litterally a mat for the chopper mount, at 70g. You get 2500g from you JP Cap.

Seems the best way to make gold with JP.

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