Thursday, September 4

TLPD CRZ Farming ALMOST without noodle carts.

This is not a guide on how to block CRZ for TLPD! Check out Boku's simplified version if you need help.

This is simply at tip for everyone who is farming TLPD using the CRZ method. Noodle carts are kinda expensive on some servers and some people can't afford them. Using this trick you can cover 2 out of 4 TLPD Routes without noodle carts, but please note that you still need noodle carts to kill and loot TLPD.

This trick uses the elevators in Storm peaks. While standing on these elevators you can see all mobs around you, and you will be able to spot TLPD/Vyragosa if it flies by.


The 2 other routes needs be covered using noodle carts but this trick will certainly help you save some noodle carts.

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