Monday, September 15

Use shadowstep like demonic circle + potentially solo strand of the ancients

1) Use item which creates something you can shadowstep, eg archmage vargoth's staff, alliance banner,
(would appreciate other suggestions).
2) Shadowstep to it using target-specific macro eg /target image of archmage vargoth /shadowstep.
Great escape tool from near-death situations, making shadowstep similar to a warlock's demonic circle.
3) In Strand of the Ancients place item down at the end of round 1 when defending, next to the cannons, This
will persist through round 2. Get to line of sight and you can shadowstep past the gates instantly.

You can do this with multiple items and skip past the first two gates. To actually get to the relic chamber you'll
need to use a mushroom chair as described in this earlier video

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