Friday, October 17

Cata Stat Potion/flasks with MORE Stats than current teir Stat pots/flasks

I've only tried this with the Intellect pots but I assume they are the same for others; but post-squish Cata potions (Volcanic Potion - Item - World of Warcraft ) has 20 more intellect than the current teir potions. ( Potion of the Jade Serpent - Item - World of Warcraft )

Same seems to go with Cata flasks ( Flask of the Draconic Mind - Item - World of Warcraft ) and MoP flasks ( Flask of the Warm Sun - Item - World of Warcraft)

Not sure if considered exploit or what, but it's a neat thing to know for y'all starting mythic and want an advantage! ( as minor as it may be )

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