Wednesday, October 1

Get cheaper WoW gametime (via Battle.Net)

Hey Everyone,

Simply by using BRL (BRAZIL REAL) as your currency, you can buy cheaper game time.

This was tested against AUD (AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR), so:
6 Months of game time in AUD 85.80 (75.0048 USD), whereas
6 Months of game time in BRL is 78.00 BRL which is 36.5844 AUD (31.9801 USD)
That's nearly 50% cheaper.

To achieve this, we simply login to our Battle.Net account, Go To Settings > My Payment Options.
On the right hand side, next to "Account Balance', you can 'Change Currency'.
Simply select Brazilian Real, and that's it.
Picture for clarification:

You can then go to your account, go to 'Game Time & Subscriptions', select 'Buy Limited Game Time', select how much you'd like to purchase, and you're all set!
Picture for clarification:

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