Friday, October 24

[Goblin, Lost Isles] Speed farming Ethereal Credits

Notice the credits floating in from the right.

This one's really simple and able to be done at a low level. Quest in the goblin starting zone up until you get the "Weed Whacker" quest. Summon your Ethereal Soul-Trader, activate the Weed Whacker, and get to work. Every plant down is a credit earned and they keep coming back. With good timing between each kill, you can get an Ethereal Credit every few seconds. Make sure you don't get too busy and leave your Soul-Trader behind.

You can also do this method while AFK; it just won't be as efficient.. Leave your character spinning and come back every half hour or so to prevent logout.

Patch: 6.0.2
People needed: Solo
Race: Goblin (Others by summon exploit?)
Class: Any
Items: Weed Whacker
Quest: Weed Whacker

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