Tuesday, October 21

Level incredbly fast 80-90

6.0 brought some nice changes for altoholics and now that all my toons are maxed, heres my method:

1) You need to know how the Legacy Buff you get when doing "old content" works i.e.: that it is in sync with the expansion level caps
2) Dungeons now have a new way of quest tracking/awarding exp, similar to CMs & scenarios and can be repeated ad nauseum

now with this knowledge, what you wanna do is seek out dungeons that have their entrance & the path from killing the final boss ot the exit located as closely to another as possible.(Lost City of Tol Vir is a great example, after the final boss just jump down and ride out to the entrance).
The whole point is to speedrun these dungeons SOLO, which you can do thanks to the legacy buff and getting all the exp after killing the final boss of the dungeon (see #2), after that exit, reset & repeat.

At 85 the fastes way is to do forge of souls to 86, then stonecore and at 88 you can start at Tol Vir. For 80-85 leveling just look up some high end BC dungeons (mana tombs & sethtek halls), and do the same.

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