Thursday, October 23

Making easy gold with raid lockouts

This might be old news to some but still very profitable.

Pretty simple all you need is a toon with a lockout to ICC, ULD , Ragnaros and all other bosses that drop mounts.Since 6.0 old raids even easier to solo then ever before and most people don't want to waste time clearing all the way to last boss when you can buy it at a good price.

Since raids reset yesterday i was advertising the following on my server and i literally couldn't keep up with the private messages i was getting.

WTS all old raid lockouts ICC,ULD, FIRELANDS and more get your MOUNT NOW only 1K.

1k gold isn't alot to people and 9/10 people will be happy to pay that amount to save anywhere from 30-60 mins to simply just come in and kill last boss.

I was advertising for about 4 hours last night i made just under 60k from advertising and also got a gift of 30K from someone who got firehawk mount off Ragnaros, however would of been alot more but you can only do so much with one toon. For those who have multiple toons/accounts on different servers can obviously make alot more doing all at the same time.

pretty simple

Step 1 Advertise
Step 2 Buyer zones in with your lockout and accepts the pop up message that shows the amount of bosses defeated and will become locked to the instance.
Step 3 They Solo the boss and you repeat step 1.

Could take you couple hours to get yourself all the lockouts or however many you want to sell the more you have the more buyers you reach out.

You could charge what you wish i was happy going for !k as i didn't want to put it to high and cop abuse and it worked for me as i got 90K or so in 4 hours.

If you're a gold seller $0.45/1K about $45 in 4 hours isn't that bad and you could do it on battlechest accounts for $4 and all you need to do is also make level 1 toons on multiple servers and find buyers with level 1 toon get buyer to add your battletag and accept party invite from the toon with the lockout as all old raids are cross realm now.

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