Friday, October 24

Making extra gold with Spirits of Harmony

Another little guide which helps my daily gold income.

As of 6.0 Spirits of Harmony can now be traded

Best things to do with Spirit of harmony is to make Royal Satchel 28 slot bags as a tailor.

Currently prices on my server and what you need to make x1 Royal Satchel.

x36 Spirits of Harmony at 49g each = $1764g
x60 Bolts of windwool cloth = 15 stacks of windwool cloth at 15g/per stack 225g (Do the math which ever is cheaper to buy Bolts or normal)

Total investment = 1989g and i sell them anywhere between 2500g-2800g

These are going off my server AH prices but if you're like me and have plenty of windwool cloth and don't need to buy any to make the bags then your profit margin increases.

Also i have a few sellers who constantly sell Spirits to me at 40g a piece and im sure they will drop in price since last week they were at 75g+ and now under 50g.

Do the calculations yourself with your server prices.

It's not huge amount of profit but it supplements my income like any other small businesses do and it all adds up. (Most i have sold in couple hours worth of work is 13 which gave me a net profit of 7631gold.)

Hope you can make a little extra Gold as well and also this method can apply for any toher Spirit of Harmony cd's.

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