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Warlords of Draenor Dungeon Details Revealed

With the release of World of Warcraft’s newest expansion pack, Warlords of Draenor, right around the corner, the developer team behind the world’s most successful gaming franchise revealed a few details about the dungeon system that will come with the new content and added a few screenshots as well.
Apparently, the dungeons are meant to give players a tool to cover the levels from 90 to 99 with more ease (the level cap shall be raised to 100 through the expansion). Therefore, half of the 8 new dungeons shall be spread between the above said levels. While these will definitely be useful for leveling, one shouldn’t rely on them solely, as that way, the game will grow tedious and boring quickly.

The Bloodmaul Slag Mines are aimed at levels 90-92 and are situated at Frostfire Ridge. The goal here is to kill Bloodmaul Ogres and their elementals to keep them from acquiring a powerful artifact.
The Iron Docks are destined for levels 92-94, and they’re about the destruction of the navy that Garrosh’s Iron Horde is building for the invasion of Azeroth.
Auchindoun is the level 94-97 dungeon. A draenei mausoleum, Auchindoun is under attack by the burning legion.
Skyreach is the last of the leveling dungeons. Situated at the Spires of Arak, this dungeon has players fighting off the arakkoa, who are hell-bent on unleashing some sort of advanced technology on their enemies.

The remaining 4 dungeons are for players who have reached the level cap.
The first one of these, Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, has players going up against Ner’zhul, one of the best-known undead characters from Warcraft lore.
The Everbloom and Grimrail Depot are both at Gorgrond and the Upper Blackrock Spire is at Blackrock Mountain.
Everbloom is about stopping a breed of living plants from overtaking the Kirin Tor portal, while Grimrail depot is about stopping the Iron Horde’s train which transports military equipment to aid their efforts at Shattrath.
Upper Blackrock Spire is a rebuilt dungeon, which has players fighting horde members tinkering with some sort of a doomsday device.
According to Blizzard, more dungeons will be added to Warlords of Draenor later.

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