Sunday, November 16

Dont logout/dc from beeing afk (avoid ques) no program is needed!

So everyone hates to sit in that freeking que right? i sure hate it.

heres what you need to do. just copy paste this script:

"/run local f=CreateFrame("Frame")f:RegisterEvent("PLAYER_CAMPING")f:SetScript("OnEvent", function() local p=StaticPopup_Visible("CAMP")_G[p.."Button1"]:Click()end)"
 (without the ") 

...And type it in your chat. this will prevent your from beeing able to logout and therefor you cant dc after beeing afk. Dont forget to save it as a macro so you can keep it without going back to this topic every time you want to stay out of the que :-)

You cant /logout or Esc > logout once you typed it. you need to alt f4 to get out, but if you stand afk the automatic logout cant pop either so pop it if you cant play for a while and still dont want to sit in that stupid que forever.

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