Thursday, November 20

Get Follower Mission reward even when failing mission

One of my followers went on a mission and returned and I went to the table to complete missions, and I close the mission report real fast to check something and I came back and finished the report, got my rewards and noticed that it said Completed and behind it it said failed. But if it failed I don't know why I got my rewards.

Here is how it works:

  1. sign up for impossible mission
  2. when completed, click "view completed missions" or what it's called
  3. immediately when you see the screen with the follower, click escape.
  4. View mission again. says failed, but you can open chest.

Keep in mind the relation between Follower and Missions level:

Level Difference & Impact on Mission
Normal exp gain
Abilities and traits counter threats
Bonus to mission succes chance (doesn't matter LOL)

Normal exp gain
Abilities and traits counter threats

-1 -2
Experience gain Halved
Abilities and traits counter threats
Gradual penalty to mission success (doesn't matter)

10% experience gain
Abilities & Traits don't count
Party buffs and such aren't active

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