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I've decided to make a very beginner friendly guide to getting those massive sexy gold making tooltips. Even better there fully functioning in WOD with more features than ever. Plus, this post goes on to explain how you can decipher the statistics if you wanted to flip / make profits. So enjoy! The community has waited long enough!

  • People always ask me how do I know how much something is worth, even when it just came out yesterday. (WoD Stuff)
  • They want to know how I know what to post any item for.. without visitng WoWhead or TUJ.
  • How can I tell, just by looking .. what chances an item has of selling on AH if I were to post it right away..
And I get all those answers solely from the TSM APP. Using tooltips that resemble a oil truck.

This video post will show you how to get the app (and the tooltips) for yourself - so you too will know exactly how much an item is worth just by looking at it.

(The joy it brings me to instantly know what a item will sell for once it drops is hard to put into words)So Instead I made a video! Even better we'll go on to
explain some of the stats you can enable so you know what the gold values in the tooltip mean.

In summary: This post will show you how to get the TSM gold making tooltips, which will give you accurate price points for pretty much any item in warcraft. It's a small multi-step process that requires you to download a few things. So for that I made the following video as ENTICING and newbie friendly as I possibly could! Enjoy.

Even better, after the video we'll explain what all this stuff means & how you can use it - right away.


Now time to explain what all this mumbo jumbo means!

Region Market Median: This is the regional median price. Regional meaning "In your region only". So for that we have primarily U.S and EU. Median means the "average" / Middle vote. So for example if every server came together and give a specific item a "price" - the median, would be the middle number given. This stat is an accurate guage of how valuable an item is across the board. It's VERY popular for pricing Xmog's leveling gears, and RARE old world items!

Market Price: The Market Price is what most players think the median price is. But thats wrong. . The market price is used to show the current trend of an item (whether upward or downward). It's the bottom 15th percentile of prices for a specific item. So in regular person terms - If there are 100 auctions of "phantom blade" on the AH.. the market price will display the an averaged price of the bottom 15% of auctions. So if the last 15 auctions of the 100 phantom blades are 40 - 45g each, the market price will be somewhere around 43g. BE VERY AWARE - that market prices change from day to day. It's really just an accurate measure of what the price of an item is worth TODAY. Tomorrow, that market value could move up or down depending on the market. Use this stat to tell about how much you can get for a specific item.. right now.

Global Sale Average: A stat by AuctionDB that gives an accurate value of what an item sells for across the board. How they calculate actual sales (I have no idea) but I trust the authors of the TSM app when they said it can be done. So this stat will tell you how much an item is consistently sellingfor. Also it's values may be on the low side - I believe that's because they average in the lowest values across the board. (Requres confirmation - not 100% sure).

Realm Median: Very important stat here! (Which is why it's saved for last) This stat is usually my go to stat for pretty much all goods not Xmog. This stat is the averaged median for your realm. Thats basically what people have consistently been posting an item for during the current week. So pretty much if you pick up an item, - referr to this stat and you'll have an average value of what people have been posting it for.

The global sale average will give you an accurate estimation of that item is "selling for" and the market price will let you see into what it's posted for right now (not in total for the week).

So take that knowledge and run with it. If you know what to do with it - you can make some big AH flips.. OR be the know-it-all when the loot seems to drop.

P.S Or be a WOD ninja.. only needing the things with high medians. Haha. Good stuff.

*** For toggling on these additional stats just refer to TSM's tooltip options pane - which can be reached by pressing "/TSM". Then scrolling over to the fourth pane over at the top labelled "tooltip options". *****

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