Get your MC 10th anniversary rewards faster

the 10th anniversary event for WoW ist already live on EU and soon on US. The introduced lvl 100 Molten Core raid is a real pain, as it takes hours to clear it and only Ragnaros drops sth. But there's a trick, which lets you skip a few bosses, if you're lucky:

1. Be in a rested spot, where you can logout instantly
2. Queue via LFR-tool for MC
3. If queue pops, accept it. Now there are two possibilities:
3.1 You have to wait for others to accept-> you press ESC and logout. After relogging you can queue again without deserter
3.2 You are the last one to accept and get ported instantly. This means you are in a group, that already has started the raid, even though you can't influence how far they are, you probably saved some time.

I know, this has been posted before for the regular LFR but I couldn't find the thread anymore.

Hope this helped
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