Friday, November 14

Instant Respawn mob (quest/garrond)

Iyu - Quest - World of Warcraft

Before you kill Iyu as you are leaving the basement from the previous quest just before going outside there is a room with a ton of these little guys "Iyun Pestule".

They instantly respawn as soon as they die, so the faster you kill them the better. Sometimes they will stop respawning, just pull some from down the hall and it'll start again.

They drop an item that vendors for 20s per item, a stack of 200 gives 50gold, which you will get a stack of very quickly. And each one gives about 50 xp before standard (which doesn't sound like a lot, but at the rate you kill them it's a significant amount, especially if you consider how hard it's to quest with all the lag). The shredder from lumbermill works great for killing these quickly.

Sorry I didn't get xp/hr or gold/hr, I wasn't brave enough to restart for addons.

Ultimately it's up to mods if this is moved to elite, but I posted it here intentionally

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