Friday, November 21

Over 1 Million XP / Hour - 90-95 UNRESTED + Gold + Greens ! Instand Respawn !

since i reached level 95 with my Boomkin i want to share this awesome farmspot with you.

The spot is all about grinding Swamplighter Drone those little guys in theSHADOWMOON VALLEY.

Discovered it while leveling through Treasures.
I did it with my MOONKIN by using STARFALL and it worked perfectly. I guess it will also work nice with mages and warlocks - all classes with great aoe.

The flies have about 5k-7k hp - so they DIE INSTANTLY.

The funny part is, that you can force them to RESPAWN immediatly, just by MOVING under the tree from left to right to left. If you take a look at the other spawnpoints you can see, that this is not intended.

Every fly only gives you about 400xp (lvl 92) but you can kill a ton of them in short time.

Beside the xp you will get A LOT of grey trashitems, stacking up to 200 that can be sold for 47g the stack. Also they drop GREENS and some other junk.

How does it works for Druids?

Go to the spot marked in the screenshot. -> Use starfall when ready -> Dot flies if cd on starfall for more proccs -> Repeat

I did level 93 to 94 in about 45 minutes unrested and without any xp buff. Level 90-93 is a bit faster.

I hope you guys enjoy this little find and leave me some comments!
Best regards,
your Lowskillx
Sorry for my bad english btw. :P

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