Monday, November 3

Super easy [Brood of Alysrazor] !!!

Hello people, here is how to get [Brood of Alysrazor] in 5 mins before the fix:
  1. Stay near quest giver
  2. /logout
  3. talk with the npc "ready to fly!"
  4. fall down (just dont do anything)
  5. cancel the logout (when you are on the ground)
  6. repeat everything 

Now every ring you get will count as the number of times you repeated number 1-5, so lets say you did this 5 times every ring will count as 5 so you only need to get 10 rings!! Enjoy

Note: if there are a lot of people they might get some rings while you are doing this so you should fly to the ones that are not near the start point, anyway I got this @ first try with 5 stacked rings and a lot of people trying the achi

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