Friday, November 14

Teleport Any where in Dreanor (2nd Hearthstone (in a way) )

Basicly if you are any were in Dreanor and you que for a dungeon and then with out leaving the dungion group use your garrison hearthstone you can access your garrison and then surrounding areas / teleporting away and as soon as you leave the dungeon group you will return to your original location

Simple guide:
  • Start in teleport location
  • Enter Dungeon Finder
  • Complete Dungeon (Might not be necessary)
  • DON'T Leave dungeon group
  • Use Garrison Hearthstone
  • Explore what ever
  • Leave Dungeon Group
  • Automatic teleport back to original location

This can help you get back to questing locations or if you want to keep an eye on a rare spawn.

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