Wednesday, December 17

A cool way to abuse Blizzards old raid scaling to level quick.

so you know how Blizzard made it so if you go into old raids you just like 1 shot everything? Well you can abuse this by specific queuing heroics of the previous expansion when you are 1-3 levels higher than them.

For example. Heroic Blood Furnace is intended for level 70s during BC to gear up for raids. It is a heroic therefore it has Blizzards new scaling applied to it. So if you specific queue for Heroic Blood Furnace at level do INSANE damage.

Here is a screenshot that shows the difference between a level 70 and a level 71 in the same heroic. At first I was like how are they doing so much damage, literally one hitting trash and three hitting bosses. But than I realized they were all 71-73. 

The downside is you have to specific queue so you cant do this forever.

The upside is the new dungeon system nurfs your final EXP gained after completion by a ton after you do a dungeon like 3 times so after that triggers you can do these heroics to skip those dreaded low level dungeons you end up having to repeat over and over once you hit a new expansion dungeon bracket.

Basically IDK if this is an "exploit" but I am doing it right now and its amazing exp for the time you spend in here. So I just figured ide make a guide.

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