Monday, December 29

Mage: permanent 100% multistrike (+ rogue, hunter and pally exploits)


1. choose Glyph of Icy Veins and Thermal Void(100Lv talent)
2. use Icy Veins before entering a combat
3. remove Glyph of Icy Veins
4. use Ice Lance to enter a combat
=> now your multistrike chance is increased by 30% permanently
=> u can repeatedly perform these actions for 100% or more multistrike chance (of course more than 100% chance has no effect)

1. choose Combat for your Specialization
2. put Instant Poison on your action bar
3. change your Spec. to Assassination(or Sub.) by using dual talent
4. when a casting bar for changing Spec. is casting, repeatedly press the button for Instant Poison
=> u r an Assassination Rogue who can use Instant Poison

1. choose Exotic Munitions(100Lv talent)
2. put one of Exotic Munitions(ex. Frozen Ammo) on your action bar
3. open your talent tap, and click Exotic Munitions to cancel the talent
4. click "yes" => press the button for Frozen Ammo about 0.1 sec. after you click "yes"
5. before your casting for Frozen Ammo is completed(3 sec.), choose Lone Wolf(or Focusing Shot)
=> u can use both Lone Wolf and Frozen Ammo

1. choose Empowered Seals(100Lv talent)
2. use Judgment of Righteousness and Judgment of Truth by turns
=> your auto attack speed(not haste, but just auto attack speed) is increased by up to 60% instead of 15%

+ [exploit for battlegrounds]
1. use Icy Floes or Aspect of the Fox
2. click a flag
3. move away from the flag
4. before your casting bar is completed, go back to the flag
5. profit

+ [exploit for 4 seals of tempered fate per week]
1. prepare 'level 2' dwarven bunker/war mill (not level 3)
2. get 3 seals from ashran
3. use one seal
(do not start to upgrade your dwarven bunker/war mill to level 3 before using one seal)
4. start to upgrade your dwarven bunker/war mill to level 3
5. wait one hour and complete your building
6. receive one seal from dwarven bunker/war mill
- u can get the fourth roll by using enormous amount of gold and resources
- if u have plenty of gold and resources, destroy your dwarven bunker/war mill before next week comes to do this again next week

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