Friday, December 12

Smuggler Den Loot Before Tavern - Both Followers w/o 10k

I've seen people mention that if you want both followers, you can get the Tavern, get the follower from it, and then swap to the Smuggler's Den (for 10k gold) and buy the other follower.

There's a cheaper way, with a bit of patience.

Basically, when you go to do the quest to pick between 1 of the 2 buildings, select Smuggler's Den. DO NOT turn in the quest. You will see the building built and you can use the ability and buy whatever you want from it (toy, follower, potions).

After you buy whatever you want, you can either wait 10 minutes or queue for an Arena Skirmish (which, last I checked, was working to reset the cooldown on the Smuggler's Run ability). Simply use Smuggler's Run again and buy what you want. Repeat this until you get the follower and a ton of the +DPS potions and such.

Then simply abandon the quest. The building will un-build and you can talk to the guy again and build the Tavern, proceeding to get the other follower without spending 10k.

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