Friday, January 23

Easier 30+ waves in Proving Grounds. (Atleast healing)

After couple of 30 wave tries with new gear scaling system in WoD I've got few interesting ideas and performed them sucessfully.
So basically you can get alot easier mobs if your gear is higher than 630. And when you'll get better gear this will be even more easier to you than before.

Main idea is get rid of some items, that don't really affect your overall performance, but will affect your ItemLevel and because of it also mob's health and damage.
You can be 670, but drop few items like rings/cloak/offhand and mobs will be scaled for 600 itemlevel.

So for example: I wanted to get 30 waves of healing. My average itemlevel was about 650. I had 615 trinket and 630 offhand so I decided to put 'em to my bags and tried first wave both with them and without 'em eqiped. From 2.4 million, one mob's hp have dropped to 1.9 mil. I guess there's like bottom cap for level 100, about 600 itemlevel, because their hp won't drop lower. I didn't tried it in damage(because got 36 waves in my first try ever) and tanking proving grounds, so not sure about them, but healing was alot easier, Got 42 waves in second try.

Also should work for someone who have troubles with Silver/Gold.

Didn't saw anything similiar on OC, but if there was something just delete my thread.
Thanks for watching!

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