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Easy Gold for Engineers with a Garrison, lvl 2 Engineering Works

There's this nasty rumor going around, that Engineers don't make money.

Easy Gold for Engineers with a Garrison

What you need:

Create Building: Engineering Works Lvl 2 (or higher)

Acquire Follower: Kimzee Pinchwhistle

Kimzee Pinchwhistle
Combat Rogue
Quest: Flame On
Zone: Spires of Arak
Kimzee becomes your follower when you complete the Spires of Arak Quest "Flame On".

She starts at level 97 and the quest says lvl 96 (yellow) on Wowhead.

Incidentally this quest also rewards you with the Salvage Yard level 1 Blueprints for gearing up followers a bit faster.


What Kimzee does for engineers:

When the follower Kimzee Pinchwhistle is assigned to a level 2+ Engineering Works, she becomes a vendor with a very unique inventory.

Kimzee will sell you (and your garrison visitors) the following items:

Ultra-Electrified Reflector - Item - World of Warcraft
Cost: 1g 21s 81c
Buyout price: 444g 93s 70c

Gyro-Radiant Reflector - Item - World of Warcraft
Cost: 1g 22s 20c
Buyout price: 404g 98s 6c

GUMM-E - Item - World of Warcraft
Cost: 1g 60s
Buyout price: 99 42 99

The numbers you see above are the Vendor Buy price (what the item costs from Kimzee) and the AH average Buy Out (what you get on the AH) for each BOE item.
On my server I get 1/2 the Wowhead price and sell on average 6 trinkets per day.


How to maximize this gold-making strat:

Put a level 5 or higher character in the city Shrine of Seven Stars (or Two Moons) at the Engineer-only auction house, mailbox, and guild bank.
You must be 5+ to get engineering skill as a profession.

Buy a port to the Shrine or have a friend get you there.
Any level can take a portal via mage.

Now, once your alt is parked next to the mailbox and engi-only services in Shrine (Pandaria),
get on your Engineering main and open Kimzee's inventory in your Garrison Engineering Works.
She stands next to a mailbox.

Buy 1 copy of the item you want to put on the AH in bulk and send it to your alt in Pandaria.
Make sure your alt is on your friendslist so that you only type 1 letter to put their name in Send.
Keep buying the 1 item and sending to your alt until you are ready to move on to the next one.
For example, if you're selling 10 Radiant Reflectors, buy them first and mail them first.

This makes it easy to post them to AH on the alt without typing the price over and over (unless you use auctioneer).

I send about 10 of each trinket that's BOE to my alt before logging it in.
Then I get on the alt in Pandaria, open the mailbox, take 1 trinket out, and open the auctioneer window that's right next to the mail.
This is pretty much the only place in the game that I know of with auctioneer, mail, and guild bank all close enough to click without moving.

Just take each trinket out 1 at a time (they are unique!!!!!!!!),
and post them individually for whatever price you want to sell them for.

Thanks to your engineering alt you are now one of the only people on the server who doesn't have to run back and forth for auctions,
and you can exploit this to your heart's content to spam-list unique items from the Engineering Workshop.

Selling GUMM-E is ok but not as much $$ for the work as the trinkets.
High pop servers sell more mailboxes.


So far on my server I've seen only 1 person trying to do this and they gave up when I started.

Remember they can also be stored in the Guild Bank if you are sick of listing them or looking at them for whatever reason.

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