Wednesday, January 28

Endless Farm in Garrison Campaign - 2,5k+ possible

I just got the last step of all Garrison Campaigns: Primal Fury -> Primal Fury - Quest - World of Warcraft

Since i always look for some decent places to farm gold, i want to share what i found.

After u defeat that named in Gorgrond, u have to travel to northern Talador to fight the Giant they awakened.

U will be put into a giant fight with endless near instant respawn enemys - and all of them drop:

- between 30 and 60 silver each
- Metal Scaps for ur warforge
- some green and maybe even BoEs (i didnt find one in about 2 hours of farming, but maybe ... )

After 2 hours of farming i got about 4.200 gold, 20+ greens and 2 blues (was great, since im a enchanter) and some greys that selled for about 400g.
Overall it netted me around 2.8k /hours - pretty okay for some farming

U should be able to take on several Level 90s (up to 10, depends on ur pull style) at once, i did this with an 660 Beastmaster Hunter.

Since this place is really small, it should be easily botable/grindable.

I know this spot is know to farm "normally", but its way better when u have the mentioned garrison campaign step

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