Monday, January 26

Fast Sha'tari Defense Rep farm (1000 Reputation in 5-6 minutes) +Video

I was doing my garrison campaign today and stumbled upon this.
  • You need to be on Primal Fury (Garrison Campaign for Alliance, not sure on the name for Horde).
  • Get to the stage where you travel to talador to defeat Gorgorek
  • After speaking to Bodrick Grey, you fight your way into the keep to defeat Gorgorek
  • The entrance to the keep has infinite spawning Iron Horde 
  • Each mob gives around 6 rep (7 with guild banner) and can drop Iron Horde Scraps, greens, greys and gold
  • The mobs take 10-20 seconds to respawn
  • DO NOT kill Gorgorek

This area is also instanced so you don't need to fight for mobs, it's a good idea to bring a bodyguard for the rep while you're farming.

After a bit more testing, I managed to pull almost every single enemy (the total count is 40ish) and then Artillery strike them in one go. This takes around 40-50 seconds as a Warrior. Video to show how is at bottom of post.

The AI acts strangely here so the trick to pulling them all in one go is to pull orcs from seperate areas (I would heroic throw) then gathering them, once I started melee swinging them the surrounding orcs (who could be over 30 yards away) would then agro onto me.

After 6 minutes, I gained 1000 rep + 6 Greens + 20-30 greys + 60-80~ Iron horde scraps.
After 1 hour, I gained 7000~ rep + 52 Greens + 3 Blues + 200~ greys + 300~ Iron horde scraps
To exalted (42000 rep from neutral), it took around 5-6 hours. I gained 5-10k gold (2000 gold + Vendoring greys), 200~ greens, 10 blues, 1 epic, 700 Iron Horde scraps and 4 Auction house parts for my trading post.

300 Reputation per/minute video:

After grinding to exalted I found that was the fastest method to farming them.

Happy farming!

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