Monday, January 5

Insane Shatt'ari Defense Rep!

I`ll show you a great way how to farm/grind rep for Shatt'ari Defense and get lots of iron horde scarps.

You can get from neutral to revered in one hour!

Step 1.
Group up with some friend or LFG.From 3-5.Best number is 5. Tank,healer and 3 dps.

Step 2.
Now it`s darkmoon faire.Go get them Darkmoon Top Hat - Item - World of Warcraft
And don't forget also : Battle Standard of Coordination - Item - World of Warcraft

Step 3.
Go here and look for elites, they should give you 28-30 rep per Kill 

These are the best spots for respawn. Respawn time from 30seconds to 120 seconds(the whole group)

Try not to pull the many just 1 group maximum 2 groups.And use Guardian Orb or Artillery Strike!

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