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Thursday, January 8

Make an Ogre army with Reflecting Prism(Rogue only).

For this you need to be rogue and to have 2 things:
  1. Reflecting Prism
  2. Glyph of Disguise
Both are made easily don't worry.

So, to do this, you need to be anywhere in Highmaul where you can find ogres and you have to be out of combat.

  1. Pickpocket it (Turns you into Ogre because of glyph)
  2. Reflecting prism on anyone in the raid group (You will swap appearance with that person)
  3. You will still have both buffs on yourself (Appearance swap buff and Glyph of Disguise)
  4. Now just right click on the appearance swap buff (Disguise stays) and get back into Ogre (You have to be out of combat to stay in this form because that's how glyph works)
  5. Repeat and make an Ogre army.
Enjoy having some fun if you didn't already do this.

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