Queue for random heroic without 610 gear (new method i think)

So in case you do not have the required gear to enter random heroic instances, i found a bug a few weeks back which worked for me.
Basically i had around 600 ilvl pve gear, and 620 with pvp gear (upscaled during pvp combat).

This method allowed me to queue for a random heroic instance using the pvp ilvl.
  • Equip pvp gear and tried to queue for a random heroic, but this was not possible due to the previous hotfix.
  • Go on the flightpath from Warspear to my garrison
  • About 10 sec after i left the flight path (flying FROM Warspear), i tried to queue again, and this time it allowed me to successfully queue for a random heroic instance.

The important part here, is to queue in the air, and immidiately after you have left warspear.

Relatively easy to try and reproduce.
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