Tuesday, January 20

Skip Ashran Q - New (20/01) - Doesn't work every time

So, I was doing Ashran with some guildies, and we had a massive raid. Some of us were in, others - myself included - was not.

Directly after queueing for Ashran, I challenged a guildie to duel right outside the bridge to Ashran. During the duel, I accidentally crossed into Ashran territory, and the duel was automatically forfeited as I ported. However, when running back into Stormshield to restart duel, I was still phased into Ashran.

I got the "you are not in ashran, you'll be ported outside soon" warning, but ignored it. It disappeared after 30 sec, and I was still in there. The warning kept coming back every 5 min, I was still in queue for ashran, but I didn't get ported out, and I was getting bones for kills etc.


  1. Join queue for ashran.
  2. Start a duel right outside.
  3. Lose duel as you run inside Ashran. 
  4. Ignore warning about being ported out (don't click it).
  5. You're in Ashran, wait for the actual summon, and keep ignoring the warning about being ported out while doing so.
  6. Either, it'll work or not.

It worked for about half my guildies that tried it, the others couldn't make it work.

For those that it works for, be aware that you might be "stuck" phased into Ashran once you're finished. I tried hearthstoning to garrison/SW when I was done, that didn't work. No NPCs spawned in Stormshield either, including flight master, so I couldn't fly out of there either.

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