Monday, February 2

Instant Respawn - Power Leveling [Horde only]

On the way to find a a farming Spot for the "love is in the air" event, i found a (new) powerleveling Spot. There are around 30 Level 90 enemys with 17.500 Life and the best, the respawn is nearly instant.

First invite your friend. If he isn't 90, he will be phased when he arrived the spot, but it doesn't matter - he always get the exp even if he is phased
The best: All the enemys drop the lovely charms, too.

Second: Stay in the midd and AOE everythink - profit.

At 73 my mate got 830EXP with all 650% Exp... it isn't that mutch, but lets make some math:

30 enemys * ~ 860 ExP = 26.000 EXP every 20 seconds. Thats nearly 75.000 every minute * 60 = 4.5000.000 Exp per hour

In my opinion it's ok, because of the double profit.

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