Sunday, February 22

Rogue: Moving bomb on Stand of the Ancients

To use this trick you need to be a lvl 100 rogue and be using the talent Death from Above.

  • Step one: Queue for Strand
  • Step two: Grab bomb
  • Step three: Get combo points (Doesn't matter how many)
  • Step four: Target the Cannon on the wall and use your Death From Above ability on the turret. 
  • Step five: Either place the bomb or move to whichever wall you prefer.

Note: This would work best if you intend on destroying the last gate first if you were sub. As sub all you need to do is use the premeditation ability on the cannon before you use Death From Above. As combat you would need to select the talent Shuriken Toss or Marked for Death and use them on the cannon. Marked for death would take you a long time to get to the end. Shuriken Toss would be the fastest.

Enjoy. (Also for those who are wondering, no you cannot use shadowstep to hit the cannons)

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