Tuesday, February 24

Server Dance - How To Instantly Respawn Anything by Server Phase with Level 1 Char!

IMPORTANT: Don't skip through video, it's important to watch the whole thing, coz most of this method is theory crafting, practical part takes like 30-60 seconds to manage

If something from video is not understood, here is a quick guide how it works:

-When it Works?
It works every time, except when It don’t

-When it won’t work?

1. If in the past 24 hours there have been server restart, mini restart, shutdown, or any other kind of server down.

2. If your server is bugged (temporarily) – Getting the message: Transfer Aborted: Instance not found, or similar message…

3. If your server is just not in one of those servers that CAN use server phasing with level one… (Some of those servers might be: Brazilian, Oceanic, Russian, some german servers… etc – These are based on personal and viewer’s experience at my Twitch Stream.

4. If you (as level 100) or your level 1 character that you trying to invite yourself from IS IN COMBAT.

5. If you are trying to phase from a PvP to a PvE server and vice versa.

How to do it?

I will refer to your level 100 account as WOW1 and your level 1 character account as WOW2.

– Easy… Login to your WOW1 account… and login to your WOW2 account – both in separate windows of course
– From WOW1 login to your character that you are using for farming.

– Create level 1 character (or DK if you have another character on that account that is 55 or above. Why DK? Coz u won’t wait for 20 seconds logout time when u Server Dance).

– Make sure both accounts are friends on Battle.net

– From WOW2 level 1 or DK character… invite your level 100 character that is on WOW1. IMPORTANT: Don’t right click his name to invite… but rather write this command in chat “/invite name-server” (Example: /invite Umrentv-Silvermoon).

– If you are phased… GZ If you are phased… then try making level 1 on another server that is same type as your WOW1 character server. Try 5-10 times… if nothing works… either try the whole realm list. You can decide for yourself if you are going to give up before you try all servers and say “Okay my server is not working” or you gonna continue trying.
My own experience: When I was leveling on Outland… I tried over 30 servers… and I thought that the server was broken… but after that the next couple tries… I found 7-8 servers that were working. It’s all about will power

Hopefully this helped… if u got any comments / feedback, please add comment here, I am trying to keep track as much as I can with my tight schedule Thank you

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