Tuesday, February 17

Transmogrification: Undead rogue green leather set.

Finally got a set to match my tabbard that I've worn since vanilla.

Head - the scavengers mask
Shoulders - dark phoenix spaulders
Chest - blessed elunite coverings
Legs - pants of splendid recovery
Hands - knotted handwraps
Feet - moon-walkers
Belt - generals leather belt
Weapons - nifflevar bearded axe

I prefer sheath to back weaps because sheath to hip weaps wag funny when you walk. Also I went with dark phoenix shoulders instead of the typical matching green ones from ZA because I dont like how they look on undead and I do like the constant smouldering look of the dark phoenix.

The tabbard is the battle tabard of the defilers it is horde only from being exaulted with the arathi basin battleground.

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