Wednesday, February 11

Using the same raid lockout Every Week to farm rare mounts! No Second Account Needed!

While this is somewhat a guide, I am placing it here since it clearly bypasses some intended game mechanics in regards to raid ID lockouts and so on. Mods can move to Guides if they feel it is more appropriate

Exact Steps Are As Follows (Video should help make it clear as well)
It really gets much faster once you realize how to do it!

  • Step 1 ) Farm to boss you want to farm on one character.
  • Step 2 ) Log out of that saved character you just farmed with.
  • Step 3 ) Log onto character you want to share lockout with.
  • Step 4 ) Create premade with LFG tool and log back to saved character (name shouldn't matter).
  • Step 5 ) Look for the premade you created with saved character (should show as blue) and sign up.
  • Step 6 ) Log out and back onto character that made premade.
  • Step 7 ) Accept your saved character's sign up and log back out.
  • Step 8 ) Log onto your saved character and accept invite.
  • Step 9 ) Log out of saved character and back onto farm character.
  • (you should see your saved character offline in your group).
  • Step 10 ) Run into raid and accept the lockout (make sure raid size/difficulty is correct).
  • Step 12 ) Kill Boss!
  • Step 13 ) Repeat Steps 3 to 12 for other characters.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When doing a raid like ICC, do not clear up to the Lich King in heroic. Clear ICC 10 or 25 in NORMAL mode up to the LK, so your "saved" character is saved to ICC normal at the Lich King. Set it to ICC 25 normal, enter the instance, and then after you are inside the ICC instance and accepted the NORMAL mode 25 lockout, then you set it to heroic.

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