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WoWhead's Love is in the Air Guide

This is a trimmed down version of WoWhead's guide. Many of the parts, such as the questline detailing how to do the same quests we've had for years, has been left out. If you want to read the entire guide, here's a link: 2015 Love is in the Air Guide (February 2 - 16) - Wowhead News
Ah, Love is in the Air in the World of Warcraft: sweet flowers, perfume, and sharing gifts with loved ones! But, what's this? A sinister plot is afoot involving some shady goblin newcomers to the seasonal market--the Crown Chemical Company! It's up to us to help save Azeroth from their chemically altered goods all while spreading love and appreciation to our faction leaders and fellow players!

Love is in the Air starts on February 2 at 11:00 AM and ends on February 16 at 11:00 AM. This holiday can be celebrated by the Horde in Orgrimmar and the Alliance in Stormwind City. Seasonal decorations such as wreaths, candles and ribbons can be found in all major cities and at most zone inns. Players will also find Lovely Merchants who sell seasonal gifts and goodies.

2015 has several updates!

The Crown Company now drops ilvl 635 necklaces which have a special on-use effect that grant It Might Just Save Your Life.
True Love Prism is a toy from the new achievement They Really Love Me!. (Note: players are reporting this achievement is bugged.)
Lovebird Hatchling can be purchased with 40 Love Token.
There are heirloom upgrades for sale on the 6.1 PTR for Love Token. As 6.1 is not live yet, spending your Love Token on heirlooms will be in 2016:
Ancient Heirloom Scabbard for 250 Love Token.
Timeworn Heirloom Scabbard for 450 Love Token.

Loot is in the air
Once again, players will be able to access the event-only boss located in Shadowfang Keep--Apothecary Hummel!

Apothecary Hummel drops ilvl 635 amulets, which has a special on-use effect: Love Rocket. This creates a pink heart firework and grants credit for It Might Just Save Your Life.

Shard of Pirouetting Happiness
Choker of the Pure Heart
Sweet Perfume Broach
Winking Eye of Love
Heartbreak Charm

Seasonal Items

The first time you defeat Apothecary Hummel, you will receive a Heart-Shaped Box that contains the boss' "fun" items. This could include a fancy rose for your character's hair, a gas mask, a oozeling battle pet, or an item so powerful it can break your heart! You can get more than one of these items per box, but you can only get one box per character per day. You'll also receive 5-10 Love Tokens.

Forever-Lovely Rose
Vile Fumigator's Mask
Toxic Wasteling
The Heartbreaker

As if those things were cool enough, the Heart-Shaped Box has an extremely low chance to contain the most stylish flying mount ever - the Big Love Rocket!

Seasonal Goodies

Love Tokens can be acquired from doing daily quests, as described above in our question section. Every day, players can earn 30 Love Token from quests and an additional 5-10 inside Heart-Shaped Box for defeating Apothecary Hummel.

To buy all the items needed to finish Fool For Love, you will need at least 88 Love Token (most likely 98 with the addition of Romantic Picnic Basket).

2 Love Token for Bag of Heart Candies: Be Mine!. May require multiple attempts.
6 Love Token 15 Handful of Rose Petals: Fistful of Love and Flirt With Disaster
50 Love Token for 5 Love Fool: I Pitied The Fool
10 Love Token for Romantic Picnic Basket: Lonely?. Optional if a friend drops it first.
10 Love Token for Box of Chocolates: Lonely? and Sweet Tooth. May require multiple attempts.
10 Love Token for 10 Silver Shafted Arrow: Shafted!
10 Love Token for 10 Love Rocket: The Rocket's Pink Glare

To get items for achievements not needed for Fool For Love, you will need at least 60 more Love Token.

40 Love Token for Truesilver Shafted Arrow: Perma-Peddle
20 Love Token for Lovely Dress Box: Lovely Luck Is On Your Side. May require multiple attempts.

Lovely Merchants can be found in every capital city selling seasonal goodies:

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