Wednesday, March 4

Arena burst exploit-take a mob into arena with you


Get the Spires of Arak quest "A Charming Deception". Click on one of the charms on the tree. Immediately enter an instance. The quest casts a spell on you which spawns an "adherent harrier" mob, due to a programming glitch this mob will spawn through loading screens.

The easy way to take advantage of this is to attack the mob and build up stacks of whatever resources your
classes, eg rage for warriors, embers for warlocks, energy for rogues, also proccing trinkets/weapons etc
in the process. This dramatically increases the burst damage from your openers. A priest can even mind
control the mob which has some interesting abilities: but it is probably not a good idea to do this as you'll
likely get reported, and it isn't a particulary effective use of a priest's abilities.

There's also potential here for explorers and exploration-based exploits. If a rogue does not attack the mob,
it flies straight up in the air 25 feet before despawning. If you can shadowstep to it before it evades your
25 feet in the air and can potentially use a goblin glider to get out of an instance or into an area where
you can't be attacked.

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