Saturday, March 21

Harrison Jones for an alt w/o the quests

This may only work the first time you trigger the achievement on any character.

Given the way Harrison Jones is awarded to players you can give him to a 2nd or 3rd character while completing it on another. This is without them doing all the quests.

  1. Do all but the last quest you need for the achievement and turn them in.
  2. Get the Final quest you need and do it, but do not turn it in. Just position yourself in front of the turn-in
  3. Log in on the chosen alt.
  4. Open another client and log in on the character with the final quest to disconnect yourself.
  5. Turn in the final quest(I use an auto turn-in addon).
As long as the other character(s) was/were online at the time of completion they will be given a Harrison Jones of their own due to triggering the achievement.

Somewhat of a no brainer, but I know some people won't think of doing it.

My Paladin Alt with Harrison Jones unlocked and the achievement to earn him incomplete in the achievement tracking. 

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