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Power level Garrison followers to 100 in a few hours!

With the new follower Harrison Jones - Follower - World of Warcraft, you'll be able to powerlevel a level 90 follower to the skies!

Harrison Jones - Follower - World of Warcraft
Followers with increased experience gain
Mission Completion Orders - Item - World of Warcraft

If you get for example the 12k exp mission that requires 3 followers, one can usually fill the ability requirements with only 2 lvl 100 followers and then 1 leveling follower, but when Harrison Jones - Follower - World of Warcraft is in the party with your leveling follower in 90, he gains the same level and itemlevel as Harrison Jones - Follower - World of Warcraft because of his unique trait Mentor - Garrison Ability - World of Warcraft ,

because of this trait, your follower will gain experience like a lvl 100 would, which will make your lvl 90 follower to level 5,6 or even 7 levels with only one mission!

Hope this little guide helps you on your leveling adventures!


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