Friday, March 27

Re-Loot Garrison Mines Chests

So I discovered this quite a bit ago, but haven't had time to mess or experiment with it all that much. It's a pretty unrealistic way to do any crazy farming, as it takes a bit of preparation time. But I thought I would post it anyway, if anyone wants to experiment to discover any additions to it, I'd be happy to see some expansion upon it.

So the general basis is that you need a level 3 mine. Go to your mine, find an unlooted chest, the ones that randomly spawn throughout the mine itself.

You will also need another person for the next part, the way I discovered was to que for 2v2 arenas.

Bring up the window to loot items from one of the chests, loot whichever items you want, but make sure to leave at least one item, and do NOT close the loot window. I found the best option to be the grey items or arch frags the best to leave.

Now wait with the loot window open until the 2v2 que pops, and with the loot window still open, accept the arena que.

When you leave the arena, the chest you looted should have replenished itself and you can loot the items again.

I'd like to repeat that I have not done a great deal of experimentation with this, so plz don't rage if you have any errors recreating it.

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