Monday, March 30

Transmogrification: Kitana Mortal Kombat Transmog

I had recently been inspired by Mortal Kombat, and also the Draenor PvP set belt to create a Kitana transmog. Why the belt? Because it had a blue flap, which meant that I did not have to cover the torso with a tabard. This allowed for the Kitana-esque chest piece to show. Anyways, I am proud to present this new transmog creation of mine: The Kitana Transmog!

Head: “Helm of Assassination” – This can be gotten from Arcatraz and it drops from Harbinger Skyriss. This may take a few runs because it only has a 15% drop chance. However this is a crucial piece of the transmog set because it looks better than any other piece you can get at the moment.

Shoulders: "Puncture-Binding Spaulder" - Kitana never wore shoulder pads. However, because these shoulders are small and only on one shoulder they were the best fit for this mog. Their color also makes them the best choice out of all available similar models. Luckily, these shoulders are extremely easy to get - on Alliance (there seems to be an equivalent quest for the Horde though.) These shoulders can be gotten as a reward from the quest "Pulling Weeds." This quest can be acquired from Desolace.

Chest: "Trickster's Vest" - This vest might be a bit harder to get. The reason for that is because it is a simple green item drop. I bought it from the auction house for about 50 gold. It is sad that this is the only transmog-able vest of this coloring. The only other option that is the same model and color is of gray quality. The reason I chose this vest is because it is the most similar chest piece to Kitana's. The plunging neckline and the color were the most important qualities I was looking for.

Weapons: "Wu-Lai, Blade of the Cosorts" - I would like to first take a moment to complain about how Blizzard had a whole patch dedicated to a Chinese theme, yet they could not put more Fan type weapons into the game for the Rogues! Anyways, I had gone for these fist weapons because they most closely resembled Kitana's fans. These can be gotten from Raid Finder (to get the blue colored ones) Throne of Thunder, and they drop from from the Twin Consorts - Lu-lin and Suen. I had to do many runs to get these fans, and I used some coins to roll for bonus loot. I suggest going to Timeless Isle and purchasing some yourself.

Hands: "Blackwater Grips" - I do not remember where exactly I had gotten these gloves, but I am pretty certain they are from some random heroic dungeon. I had decided to use these hands because they suit the belt in coloring and texture, and of course I had the added benefit of already having them. I think there is a lot of wiggle room for different options on the hands in this mog, so you may choose different ones that you feel fit better. These gloves seem to drop from any Draenor Heroic.

Belt: "Primal Combatant's Belt of Prowess" - This belt was one of the items that had inspired me to do this mog in the first place. It is a PvP Season 1 Warlords belt that can be gotten for 1750 Honor points in Ashran. I had stated my reason for this belt earlier so I won't repeat myself, but know that this is an essential part of the mog.

Legs: “Warbear Woolies” – Everyone knows about this item. These are the most revealing legs a leather wearer can own. However they are a bit difficult to obtain for those who do not have a LW character because they are expensive on the auction house. And even those who do have LW, will need farm rep, and leather to create these. You may get the recipe to create these woolies from a Furbolg in Timbermaw Hold in Felwood named Meilosh. However, you need to be “Friendly” with them before you can speak with them. Do their quests to increase your reputation.

Feet: "Clefthoof Wanderboots" - Much like the chest, I had bought this on the auction house and for similar reasons too. They most closely resembled Kitana's boots, they had good coloring, and lucky for me they were cheap too. Sadly, just like the chest piece, this model with this color is only available in one form. The other item with similar looks is gray.

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