Tuesday, March 3

Tree form exploit.

I've been sitting on this since 6.0 dropped but now that I've had my fun it's time to share. Keep in mind, this form has been hotfixed twice already and the third time won't be far behind it now that it's out so enjoy it while it lasts.

You need the quest "trees company" from Bloodmyst isle. This quest has you turning into a tree to eavesdrop on a Gnome spy and some Goblin flunky. Well the tree form is quite impressive, but Blizzard was very careful to restrict the model, just not careful enough. To get that form, you need another party member to begin a reflecting prism cast on you. While the cast is in progress, have the player on the quest click the disguise kit to transform. if done correctly, the player casting the prism will copy the tree form and can then spread it about as normal. If you try to cast after they already have the form, it gives an invalid target message.

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