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A side-by-side comparison of landmarks in Draenor (WoD) and Outland (BC)

Auchindoun - Draenor

An amazing building, especially given that it's basically one big graveyard. I know there's a lot more to it culture-wise and that the draenei built it to protect their fallen from the legion and other forces, but still impressive.

Auchindoun - Outland

This is most likely what would have happened had we not stopped Teron'Gor in Draenor. The whole place torn apart from the inside out and left in ruins, haunted by ghosts and the mad Exarch Maladaar. He even says in Draenor that he would give his soul to protect his people. In Outland, it came to that apparently. He's one of the bosses for Auchindoun and completely insane as well. EDIT: Actually, it wasn't Teron'Gor who did that to Auchindoun. It -was- the Shadow Council however. They summoned Murmur, a giant elemental, who's very presence tore the building apart and reduced the area around it to wasteland. Thanks to /u/Battleburd of Reddit for reminding me of him.

The Southern Coast of Nagrand - Draenor

Lovely isn't it? Looks like a seaside destination for a vacation if you don't mind fighting off the occasional Marluka or Iron Horde Orc.

Southern Coast of Nagrand - Outland

... I think the tide is out. Seriously though, I had to include one picture of part of the wreckage that Outland faced when the world got blown to bits. Makes you wonder what happened to all that water though... did it just boil away to nothing? Is there a big floating ocean somewhere in the Twisting Nether? Who knows!

The Ring of Trials - Draenor

I'm not big on PvP, but the Ring of Trials was used for that in Burning Crusade and I'd feel remiss if I didn't include it here. It's not really a Player VS Player arena this time, but it still plays a part in the story and actually in the lead up to Highmaul.

Ring of Trials - Outland

I guess when you could get an infernal dropped on your head by the legion it pays to not have an open air arena anymore. The Ring of Trials in Outland is covered up and there's less vendors, and also the hills around it seem to be gone too.

Throne of the Elements - Draenor

We all know this place. It was a major quest destination in Burning Crusade and it's one of the main parts of the Vindicator Nobundo quest chain, where it starts infact. Fun fact, does that name sound familiar? It should, in the main timeline he's the Shaman Trainer for the Draenei, and a broken! He's the one who first learned shamanism after he was corrupted into a broken out of all Draenei. He even says that he felt he was drawn to the throne of the elements, funny how that works out.

Throne of the Elements - Outland

Funny how there's MORE water here in Outland than in Draenor, half the ring is covered in puddles and standing water. Guess it makes sense, Outland is probably well out of balance due to the entire planet going kablooey.

Zangar Sea - Draenor

Nothing really happens here, just a bunch of huge mushrooms in the ocean...

Zangar Sea - Outland

Yep, its the Zangramarsh... though I'm sure everyone could put that together on their own. After Draenor fell apart the water mostly drained out and left it a swampland rather than an ocean.

Tuurem - Draenor

This was one of the first places that got sacked by the Iron Horde, just outside of Fort Wrynn in Draenor.

Tuurem - Outland

Either way this place gets beaten up pretty badly. In Outland it's overrun with violent Lost Ones and is being used as a drop point by Kael'Thas's Blood Elves for getting parts to make mana bombs.

Embaari Village - Draenor

This one took me a while to remember. Its been a long time since I was in Outland after all... This is where the early bits of the Alliance introduction to Draenor begins, fighting off the Shadowmoon Clan as they attack the village and try to drag off Draenei to sacrifice to the void.

Ruins of Baa'ri - Outland

Yeah, this used to be Embaari village. I didn't even realize it until I flew over it on route to getting another screenshot and noticed the name. Dunno why it's not called the 'Ruins of Embaari'. Maybe the name was lost during the Legion's assault on Draenor?

The Temple of Karabor - Draenor

Its a pity that we don't get to see this much. Yeah the climax of Shadowmoon Valley takes place here, but at the same time I'd have liked an excuse to explore it some more. Still, neat.

The Black Temple - Outland

... yeah, it got off light in Warlords. Right after the Horde first bound themselves to Mannoroth Gul'Dan had them sack the temple, slaughtered the Draenei who were unable to flee alongside the Prophet Velen, and turned it into the headquarters of the Shadow Council. After Draenor's destruction Illidan Stormrage took over the temple until we came through and took him out during the events of The Burning Crusade.

Shattrath City - Draenor

It's currently under seige by the Shadow Council and Gul'dan, but it's still doing better than it was and we've got a chance to save it before the demons can totally wreck the place. EDIT: Turns out I had this one backwards! The Shadow Council isn't laying siege to Shattrath, WE'RE laying seige to THEM. After we drove the Iron Horde out of the city the Shadow Council swooped in and took over, with the help of the Sargeri Draenei. Now we're fighting to push the demons out of the city. Thanks to /u/egosumFidius of Reddit for pointing that out.

Shattrath City - Outland

Yeah, we know this one. Its hard to forget it after all that's happened. See those pools in the Draenor picture? I'm guessing that those are where the lower circle is in Outland. The water drained out and, well, people just moved in. Also, it shows just how huge the changes were when Draenor became Outland when you realize that Shattrath used to be a SEASIDE city, whereas the one in Outland is surrounded by mountains. Jeez... EDIT: Actually, turns out that's not the same building above. Whups. /u/Tokryva pointed that one out.

Oshu'gun - Draenor

Can't believe I forgot this one. Oshu'gun was the original ship that got the Draenei to Draenor, but it crashed into Nagrand when they arrived. It was damaged somehow apparently. In both versions there's a Naaru trapped inside, but it's in WoD that the Naaru dies and becomes a Void God courtesy of everyone's favorite psychotic ogre magi, Cho'Gall.

Oshu'gun - Outland

I'm actually rather impressed with how close this one was in Draenor. They even remembered the symbols on the ground around the giant crystal (look closely at the Draenor picture, see the lines next to the Shamanstone?)

Hallavor (Burning Blade Village) - Draenor

This is the former home of Lanestor of the Blade, a half-orc half-draenei swordsman who you can get as a follower in Warlords of Draenor. The Burning Blade are, in this continuity, a warrior clan who value honor, prowess in battle, and are known for wearing their banners on their back and fighting exclusively with their trademark spear-swords.

Hallavor (Burning Blade Ruins) - Outland

In this timeline it seems that Lanestor is the only member of the Burning Blade clan still left alive in Outland. The Burning Blade still exists however, but they're on Azeroth now and, rather than being warriors, are now fully sworn to the Burning Legion. In this timeline Hallavor is in ruins and Lanestor is living there while leading the Bolderfist Ogres. While you can't get him as your follower you can earn yourself a polearm identical to his own for helping him deal with his own problems. Also, I have no idea where the hell that pool of molten lava went. Maybe it got smushed by a mountain or something.

Anguish Fortress - Draenor

The home of the Shadowmoon Clan, where Yrel's sister lost her life. Fun little quest chain there and a pretty good ending for it too, but what happened to this place in Outland?

Wildhammer Stronghold - Outland

Yep! Thats right! Its Wildhammer Stronghold. The original fortress got smashed down to bits or was torn down by the Alliance (not sure which) and the Wildhammer Dwarves built right ontop of it! I didn't even realize it until I was doing quests through there on an alt and did the quest "A Ghost in the Machine". Here's a quote from the quest dialogue: "I fear that these dwarves do not understand what they have built upon. This area was once the ancestral grounds for the Shadowmoon Orcs." Yeah, he flat out told me. Go figure.

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