Monday, April 20

Bodyguard repuation farming

We have found a way to buggout/exploit a quest that has nonstop mobs spawning, This allows for nonstop bodyguard farming, easily to farm/bot.

The quest in question is "The battle of Thunder pass" a hordequest in Frostfire ridge just on the border to Gorgrond.

The way to do this is to start the quest.. run forward a long way before the mobs starts to spawn. kill of the mobs quick.

Kill the tank that spawns. After that run forward to this point. (see screenshot)

Here the mobs spawn in packs of 3-4 and the quest will never finish.

Each mob gives 10 reputation with youre bodyguard.

You can safely abandom the quest and run out of the area to reset the quest and do everything again with a new follower when you want.

Happy farming!

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