Wednesday, April 22

Level Up Every Class 90-100 Fastest Guide EVER!!! 20-30m/level or 2-3 hours total!

Here is a design  pattern and class specific guides on How To Level Up Every Class 90-100 in the Fastest Way Possible.

Probably you all know about the place Frostfire Ridge Cave that is used for Leveling to 100. I've been streaming about that place since WOD Beta was launched..

Now... the questions is "Why this guy reposts this thing again then?"


Because it's common knowledge that cave gives tons of XP, rite?
It's also common knowledge how to kill the mobs inside generally, rite?

WHAT IS UNKNOWN is How to Kill the Mobs with specific class?
- This question has been asked on my videos and my streams like Millions of times... and I am currently working to give u the answers!

"How to do this as Mage bro... I am dying like fudge?", "Dude... as rogue this is impossibe...", "Yo mate... is even worth as Shammy to be there? I can't find a way.."...

WELL let them tell you something... If u can't find a way... I DID for you!

So... Lean Back... Relax... Take some candles... dim ur lights... open ur window for some fresh air... call ur grandma to now worry and that u are not sitting on the concrete with ur butt naked... take a day off from the work... put ur phone on mute... buy some lottery tickers... relax... and continue watching

1. Where is the Cave?
Well if u watch this Video: ""How to Get to Frostfire Ridge as Alliance & To Shadowmoon Valley as Horde Easy! u will see at the end where is the cave... but more or less I am explaining on the start of every video where is it... by showing u the map.

2. What Classes I am Covering
This is the Whole Playlist that I've made so far, covering the classes that I've managed to record... but all the classes are coming in the next couple of days... I am trying to post 1 class each day, except for weekends... so yeah:
How to Level Up Each Class 90-100 Fastest Leveling EVER!!! Instant Respawn.

3. Specific Class Tutorials Finished so Far:
- ROGUE: How To LeveL ROGUE: 90-100 - 20min/lvl Fastest Leveling EVER!!! WOD 6.1
- SHAMAN: How To LeveL SHAMAN: 90-100 - 20min/lvl Fastest Leveling EVER!!! WOD 6.1
- MAGE: How To LeveL MAGE: 90-100 - 20min/lvl Fastest Leveling EVER!!! WOD 6.1
- DRUID: How To LeveL DRUID: 90-100 - 20min/lvl Fastest Leveling EVER!!! WOD 6.1

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