Friday, April 17

Make a lot of Gold during Children's Week with a little preparation

The Children 's Week is starting the following Monday and with a little preparation we can make a nice Profit of the Achieve-Hunters.

We're going to sell them the sweets they'll need for the Achievement Bad Example. There are 7 in total of which 5 can be bought and 2 are made with cooking.

Bought ones:
Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Icecream - (HORDE) Sold form the Snack-O-Mativ IV on 2/4 Zeppelins in Orgrimmar | (ALLIANCE) Sold from Lisa McKeever in Stormwind
Dalaran Doughnut, Lovely Cake Slice (from Lovely Cake), Red Velevt Cupcake, Dalaran Brownie - Sold by Aimee in Dalaran

Made ones:
Delicious Chocolate Cake

Recipe - Inside the Questreward for the Cooking Daylie in Shattrath (Questgiver = The Rokk) or Dalaran (Questgiver Horde = Awilo Lon'gomba | Questgiver Alliance = Katherine Lee) The Recipe has a very high chance to be contained for those who can't make it yet. You should be able to get it before the Event starts.
8x Simple Flour, 4x Mild Spices - (HORDE) Sold from Suja in Orgrimmar | (ALLIANCE) Sold fromConnor Rivers in Stormwind
4x Ice Cold Milk - (HORDE) Sold from Gravy in Orgrimmar | (ALLIANCE) Sold from Innkeeper Allison in Stormwind
1x Flask of Stormwind Tawny - (NEUTRAL) Sold from Sarah Brady in Dalaran Sewers | (ALLIANCE) Sold from Roberto Pupellyverbos in Stormwind
3x Mageroyal - Can be bought from the Auction House or is best farm in the Hillsbrad Foothills
8x Small Egg - (HORDE) Farmed off Feral Dragonhawk Hatchlings in Eversong Woods (115/15min) | (ALLIANCE) Farmed off Greather Fleshrippers in Westfall (105/15min)

Tasty Cupcake

Recipe - Drops of any Northrend Mob, just farm a few Heroics or do a Raid
1x Northrend Eggs - Farmed off Goretalon Roc in Sholazar Basin (13/5min - You don't need so many, 1 Egg = 5 Cupcakes)
2x Simple Flour - (HORDE) Sold from Suja in Orgrimmar | (ALLIANCE) Sold from Connor Rivers in Stormwind

It is important, that you put the Auctions up before the Event starts/during the beginning. The Cakes will start the Event at a price of above 500Gold and drop within the first two Days down to about 50Gold.

Video Guide - I know it got a bit shaked up during Rendering, but you only notice those things after deleting the original Files.

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