Wednesday, April 15

Transmogrification: Everybody... CHILL! It's Mr. Freeze!

Ice to meet you

Helm: Reinforced Bio-Optic Killshades

Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Thorium Brotherhood

Cloak: (Hidden)*

Chest: Breastplate of Retribution

Shirt: Blue Workman's Shirt

Wrist: (None)

Hands: Death Grips

Waist: Acherus Knight's Girdle (Invisible)**

Legs: Legguards of the Resolute Defender

Feet: Boots of Unwavering Will

*: I have the I-Scream Cryocannon for the quest Special Delivery for Brivelthwerp equipped. As long as the quest is active in your Quest Log, it will remain equipped.

**: The matching belt for this set, the Unmelting Ice Girdle, is no longer available, so I simply made the waist slot invisible. Death Knight only.

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