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1-100 in 15-20hrs NO RAF (solo and assisted routes) Horde only 85-100

1-10 is spent farming level 4-5 mobs in most starting zones specifically we are going to look at undead starting area because its the only one that can be done in sub 10mins.
The specific mobs we are looking to farm are the rotbrain berserkers and magus located on the eastern side of deathknell. ignore all quests run over there immediately and powerfarm till level 10. (dot classes will be more efficient compared to melee)

(Assisted route)
10-20 immediately after dinging level 10 have your mage buddy port you to stonard and fly you over to Deadmines. The flight between stonard and deadmines should be 5mins at most. While in deadmines your mage friend will run and agro all mobs leading up to the first boss (not including the first boss) he will then run them back to the cannon near the entrance of the instance and drop party. You will then kill all mobs with the cannon receiving full xp for the mobs. Rinse repeat this process. it should only take 5-6 runs to ding level 20. each run is 30-40seconds.

(non assisted 10-20)
After dinging level 10 leave deathknell and follow your map through Tirisifal and silverpine forest killing all mobs and rare spawns in your path. The goal is to get to SFK. You want to solo the trash leading up to the first boss of SFK. Depending on your class you may need to be higher then level 11 to start farming these mobs. you can do so by farming the elementals inside the bubble near SFK. all of these mobs are on forced respawn. kill them until your capable of soloing the SFK trash. DO NOT fight the first boss of SFK once you cleared the trash run out and reset.

10-20 An unconventional way of doing 10-20 is farming the 3 rare spawns outside of SFK instance portal by server hopping via the group finder system. Its a hit or miss tactic but its still an option for those willing to try.

20-30 specific que for stockades. If you have a disc priest as a healer GG you can pull all 4 trash packs with the first boss in the center room. If not you need to split this up into 2 pulls. After killing the first boss run towards the fire boss. the tank should tag the trash but can run through and taunt the fire boss out of his room LOSing him in the doorway. None of his trash will leash with him. After the fire boss dies repeat this process for Hogger. Any random group can clear this dungeon with relative ease in less than 5 minutes. A good group can clear the instance in less than 3minutes.

(Assisted route)
30-X Ruby sanctum. Not going to go into how to do this exploit because all of you should know how already. I will however go into the perfect optimization for this dungeon. The best possible way to maximize ruby sanctum lockouts is with a level 88 protection warrior. Warrior is the only class that can be that low level and not get globaled in the mobs stun. Second wind + deep wounds = unkillable, you also have the utility of last stand and shield wall. Each ruby sanctum run on this level warrior should take no more than 60-90 seconds. Don't forget 15% guild banners!

IMPORTANT do ruby sanctum every time your instance cap resets! when you are on cooldown for walking into RS specific que for the following dungeons.

30-32 Maraudon - The Wicked Grotto. For this dungeon you want do immediately jump down the ledge avoid the pack of mobs that will be on your immediate left. there should be 3 trash packs between you and the first boss. The first is 1 mob pull it and keep running. The other 2 are avoidable. one stealth mob and one 5 pack of mobs. if you hug the outer wall furthest from this 5pack of mobs you should be able to avoid them and pull the first boss. After killing the first boss hug the right side moving towards the final boss. There should only be 2 unavoidable trash packs. They have NO unique abilities tag them and pull them to the final boss. Rinse repeat this run.

32-42 Maraudon - Foulspore Cavern. There are no major optimizations for this dungeon anything between you and the boss pull it to the boss and AOE. The little flowers after the first boss hit fairly hard, as long as the healer is aware of this no stupid deaths should occur.

42-44 Razorfen downs. This dungeon is similiar to foulspore caverns in that the optimizations are so minor. The quests are a waste of time. Pull as much trash as you can to each boss and AOE ontop of the bosses. Spiders near the start will web the tank, this should not be a major issue, but its worth noting that stuns may be required.

44-47 ZF. Pull as much as the group is capable of. avoid trash whenever possible it takes 2 runs to ding 47. The quests are 100% worth doing in this dungeon. this is one of the slowest sections. 10-15minute dungeon runs at least.

47-58 D-block. This is like ruby sanctum you should already know what this is about. The major optimizations for this is a taunt macro for the tank. The tank should be able to jump down and immediately taunt the dwarf boss through the doorway before he pats away. But the tank needs to be ontop of his shit. immediately clicking the mole machine ect. A ranged dps or healer should pull the fire boss and drag it back in range of the tank to pick up. All together you should have 2 fire elementals 1 fire boss 1 dwarf boss w/ a golem trash pack Single target the bosses down and the runs should be less than 30 seconds. IMMEDIATELY que back up before all the trash is dead.

58-59 Hellfire ramparts. do the quests and shit. pull as much as the group is capable of. avoid trash by the 1st boss when possible.

59-67 Blood furnace runs. Burning crusade as a whole is garbage in terms of speed and optimization. hug the left side only pulling 1 of the imp packs. Tag the mobs run immediately up the stairs and pull the entire room AOE it down. Next pull trash in the hallway the following room and the first trash pack in the first boss room. LOS the mobs inside the first boss room. To get casters to stack up. AOE it all down. Pull remaining trash on the left side into the first boss. (technicians drop land mines if you stand on them you WILL DIE) Pull the entire hallway leading up to the 2nd boss room. Pull the entire second boss room. and hit the lever. after 2nd boss avoid as much trash as possible taunting one of the imps and LOSing that whole pull. After the imp pack pull any remaining trash leading up to final boss. Everyone HAS to stack in melee otherwise the felreaver guys will chain charge people and healer will not be able to keep up. Rinse repeat this process. The runs will get significantly easier once your higher level compared to when you start at 59 so don't get discouraged if clear times are slower at the start

67-68 botanica It sucks ass deal with it.

68-70 Utgarde keep Pull as much as the group can handle and skip trash whenever you can. No major optmization for this dungeon

70-76 azjol-nerub. Pull all trash into the first boss. This is the hardest pull of the dungeon. Stuns are an absolute must! If you don't Aoe stun the mobs will web your healer and tank and you will wipe. After the first boss immediately jump down pull the 2nd boss. The way this spider works everytime she kills a mob fighting her she heals. Single target her and GG she dies in seconds. Tank can tag the mobs that were previously fighting spider boss, but the group should NOT aoe and kill them instead ingore them and run to the hole to jump down. There should only be 1 trash pack leading into the final boss just take them into the final boss. Unless your groups dps as absolute garbage you should be able to kill the boss in add phase

76-80 Gundrak, no optimizations other then jump through the water instead of taking the long way around.

80-85 BRC runs Avoid as much trash as possible! at the start you should be only 2 packs of caster kill the first boss. for the 2nd boss jump down to the left side and pull her immediately. All the trash after the 2nd boss should be brought onto the bridge just before the 3rd boss because your big fat friend will kill all of it for you. Kill 3rd boss skip as much trash as you can by hugging the walls kill beauty and the final boss rinse repeat.

(STFU about stonecore its absolute garbage! the dungeon is 7 minutes of run time not including time to kill mobs and bosses)

Non assisted players pay someone to summon you out to frostfire at level 85. If your not able to farm the cave at 85 you suck ass and panda land has absolutely no optimizations and is a 3hrs time sink. specific que brewery or uninstall.

(Assisted route)
80-96 For an assisted run this is where you get warlock summoned out to frostfire ridge and start mob tagging the roly poly cave with a level 100 healer. The healer dumps heals into you while you tag the mobs GG powerfarming until you are capable of soloing the cave. DON'T FORGET YOUR 15% GUILD BANNER!

at level 90 go do your garrison stuff. at the very least GET your garrison. you DO NOT need to do tanan jungle.

96-100 Bonus objectives.
You do not get a FP from frostfire to gorgrond so you HAVE to run there. there should be 1 bonus objective in frostfire that is on your path to gorgrond.
Gorgrond - quest until your outpost and pick the savage fight arena. Do all the bonus objectives, start with the ones north and then work your way south so you can run into taladar
Taladar - you can run straight to vol'jins pride and do a quick intro qest within the town to get your outpost. pick the orb of death do all bonus objectives in the zone. The last bonus objective you want to do is the one that is just next to spires of arak entrance
Spires - you need to do a fair amount of questing before obtaining your outpost. There will be 1 specific quest where an arakoa mob is channeling inside a hut. you can ignore this mother ****er and finish the other quests, and you will get credit for completing that quest aswell. Inside the town during the 2-3 minute RP bullshit there is a treasure ontop of a hut. GET IT! Make sure you pick the 20% bonus xp for this outpost do all your bonus objectives and GG you should be level 100.
If you are NOT level 100. you have 2 options you can either quest in spires or do the bonus objectives in nagrand.

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